From Esther I learned that there is always a better way to say something, always a better way to communicate, and I take that to heart, years after we met; with my spouse, with my children, people I just meet, and people with whom I would rather not converse. I am a better person because of Esther, and I am truly grateful for having had her in my life.
Lily Myers
"Esther Scott's travels around the world as a military family, have given her a unique perspective and she is able to listen and provide nonjudgmental feedback. She is kind, supportive and motivating. My life has changed through her guidance."
Petty Officer M. Thormes
Fukuoka, Japan
"Sincere and Compassionate are the words I would use to describe Mrs. Esther Scott. She is a person who is genuinely interested and cares about another person even though she just met them. I have had the pleasure of working with her in Italy and her compassion for others was evident in everything she did. She never failed to bring to others positivism, and laughter."
Retna Shaw
"By example, Esther taught me how to become more of a servant leader and improved my leadership skills significantly. She has such a unique leadership style--one that I had not had an opportunity to experience before. I consider myself very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from Esther. I am a better leader AND a better person because of her. I respect her passion for people and family and her desire to impact her world positively."
Bronnie Folden
"Esther is someone whom offers tremendous amount of perspective when it comes to dealing with people in a sensitive and tactful manner. She is warm and passionate about helping others find their wings to soar to new heights."
Joy Hardin
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