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For Business

Keeping It Balanced (KIB) is our Mental Health Hour program that aims at providing mental health solutions that work for business and employees.

According to the World Health Organization, depression and anxiety cost the global economy an estimated one trillion dollars per year in lost productivity and absenteeism. And it costs US businesses $225 billion annually, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Other areas of great losses to businesses due to mental health issues include:

-Reduced quality: When employees are struggling with mental health challenges, there is a direct impact on quality and productivity which may lead to dissatisfied customers and potential revenue loss.

-Overtime Costs: Businesses may need to pay overtime to other employees or bring in temporary workers, to compensate for absent employees due to mental health conditions.

-Impact on Morale and Turnover: Frequent absenteeism can impact team dynamics and morale, leading to decreased engagement and potentially higher turnover rates.

These trends can be changed. Our Keeping It Balance workshops bridge the worlds of business and mental health to help move organizations toward a healthier state for businesses and your employees.

How it works:

Our KIB workshop presentations deepen your understanding of how central emotions are to success. Working from the Basic Emotion Theory stance, we cover crucial aspects, including the benefits of treating emotions as data, and how to use it effectively to create the positive upward spiral effect at every level.

Our workshops are designed to follow business rhythms and accommodate training schedules. Each workshop lasts 60 minutes for easy inclusion in regular training or Lunch and Learn activities. Choose from any of our workshops for optimal well-being aid:

  • Leadership and Emotional Regulation
  • Job Performance/Motivating Underachievers
  • Listening Skills for Upper Management
  • Listening Skills for Achievement
  • Work-Life Balance Strategies
  • Stress management for Supervisors
  • Strength and Resourcefulness
  • Employee Success Support

Join hands with Positive Actions International and journey towards a future where a more meaningful, well-balanced life isn’t just a goal, but an integrated organizational lifestyle.

To book a Mental Health Presentation for your organization or to learn more about how our partnership can help your employees reach new highs, email us at

Esther De La Rosa Scott combines a multicultural approach, professional tools and evidence-based practical interventions that contribute to enhanced wellbeing for business and employees.

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